Mercy and Grace | Day Ten

By: Kate Downing | Grace That Is Enough

Have you ever had someone say, tell me when there is enough, while scooping you a bowl of ice cream or shredding cheese on your spaghetti? I always want to reply with: “Is there ever enough ice cream or cheese? I think not!”   

It is easy for us to become dissatisfied with our lives and our circumstances. We continuously seek more. Granted, this can be a great quality when it comes to seeking more about God. However, when we become dissatisfied with the life God has called us to or with the circumstances He is asking us to trust Him in, we begin to lose sight of the fact that God’s grace is enough for us. 

What are some things in your life that you are unhappy about or dissatisfied with? 


Spend the next few minutes sharing these things with the Lord and asking Him help you start believing that His grace is enough for you.

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Paul has some really important things to say in these verses, so read them one more time

In verse 7, Paul explains that God had given him a thorn in his side. We aren’t told exactly what Paul meant by a thorn in his side, but it most likely means that God allowed Paul to have a physical disability of some kind. 

Why does Paul say God allowed this to happen (vs. 7)? 


How many times did Paul ask God to heal him of this disability (vs. 7)?


How did God respond to Paul’s requests for healing (vs. 8)?


I’ll be honest. I’ve wrestled with this passage in the past. I’ve wondered why the Lord didn’t heal him. Wouldn’t that have been the better thing? The more loving thing? Truthfully, I’ve felt the same way when God hasn’t answered my prayers in the way I’ve wanted. Have you? 

When has God answered your prayer in a different way than you wanted or expected?


It is something we all have wrestled with because we don’t always have God’s perspective. When I was a kid, I never understood why my parents wouldn’t let me drink a whole cup of what I called the "delicious orange syrup." It tasted good, so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t have more. However, my parents knew drinking too much cough medicine would make me incredibly sick! I didn’t understand my parents’ denial of something I wanted because I didn’t have their perspective. They were protecting me by saying no.   

The same is true in the way God answers our prayers. When he says no, it is for our good. It is just often hard to understand unless we have His perspective. 

Re-read 2 Corinthians 12:9. What did God say was sufficient for Paul?


God’s grace was enough. It was sufficient for every one of Paul’s needs because it was through Paul’s weakness that God could become strong on his behalf. By not healing Paul, God provided him with the opportunity to allow his personal weakness to demonstrate and praise God’s strength.  

God declared that His grace would be enough for Paul. In your own words, summarize Paul’s reaction in verses 9-10.    


Paul said that he delighted in the following things:








Rank the above list from hardest to easiest for you to delight in.


Paul could delight in these things because He understood that God’s grace was enough for him. Even when his prayers weren’t answered in the way He wanted, He understood God’s plan was better.

He allowed God’s grace to give him God’s perspective. 

How can you allow God’s grace to be enough for you today?


In what ways can you allow God’s strength to be seen and praised through your weakness today? 


Close out this time by being honest with the Lord about your feelings toward His answers to your prayers. Ask Him to help you have his perspective and to begin believing and living like His grace is enough for you.