Mercy and Grace | Day Six

By: Kate Downing | Blessed are the Merciful

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. You’ve probably heard that said before. It’s one of those quotes that no one really knows who came up with it, but everyone repeats it. Truthfully, it holds an important lesson. We are held responsible for what we know and what we’ve been given.

Over the last few days we have been talking about God’s mercy and how He displays it to us to incredibly. Today, we are going to look at what it means for us to share what we have been given.

Spend a few minutes thanking God for this time to spend alone with Him. Ask Him to help you focus and to learn what it means to be merciful.

Read Matthew 5:7. 

This verse is located in the middle of what is often called “The Beatitudes.” This is a section of Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount” recorded in Matthew 5-7. The Beatitudes are a listing of things God calls us to do/be and offers us blessing and rewards if we obey.

Who does verse 7 say are blessed?


Google synonyms for the word “merciful” and list some of the ones that best help you understand what merciful means.


Now write out Matthew 5:7, but instead of the word “merciful” insert all the synonyms you listed.


Here is what I wrote down:  Blessed are the generous, forgiving, and compassionate for they will receive mercy.


Thinking back on what you have learned about the mercy of God this week, do the synonyms you wrote down apply to what God shows you in His mercy? List how you have seen God be…

Generous –

Forgiving –

Compassionate –

God has shown us mercy and in return we are called to display mercy to all those around us. In fact, we are called to show mercy so consistently that we become known as “merciful.” 

Remember that mercy is defined as God NOT giving us what we deserve. So, showing mercy means demonstrating generosity, forgiveness, and compassion to those we don’t feel like deserve it. That means you are called to show mercy to that girl who follows you around and is super annoying, to that teacher who has not been patient or understanding at all this year, and to your mom or dad who has broken promises and not been there for you.

Being merciful can be hard because it involves the very people we don’t want to show mercy to. However, when we remember how God shows us mercy when we don’t deserve it, it is much easier to be merciful toward others.

Look up the following references and match them to the word they best describe:


A. Ephesians 4:32                _____ Generosity  

B. Acts 20:35                        _____ Forgiveness           

C. Matthew 14:14                  _____ Compassion


Rank the above three synonyms for mercy from easiest to hardest for you to display to those who don’t “deserve” it. 


Spend the next few minutes asking the Lord to help you be merciful today toward those who don’t deserve mercy. Ask Him to specifically help you demonstrate the synonym you struggle with the most. As ways to display mercy come to your mind, write them down in your journal or the notes on your phone and review them throughout the day.