Joseph Study | Day Twenty

By: Brittany Green | USED

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You girls are champs! You’ve hung with me for so long! I know yesterday was a beating, but we had to wade through several technicalities to get there. I hope the truths you’ve learned this week have resonated with you throughout your day.

Today’s study focuses on the end of Joseph’s life in chapter 50. His father has died. Joseph and his brothers took Jacob back to Canaan to bury him. But just like being sold into slavery, betrayed by many, accused or rape, thrown into prison, rising to power, and ultimately saving his family, God continues to be faithful to Joseph.

Read Genesis 50:1-21.

After burying their father in Canaan, the mourning party of Joseph’s brothers and Egyptian officials returned to Egypt. Filled with grief, but also fear, Joseph’s brothers started to worry he showed them mercy due to their father being in the picture. To cover their backs, they lied and claimed Jacob asked Joseph to forgive his brothers. However, they also asked for forgiveness themselves. That’s huge for these crazy brothers!

Though they begged for forgiveness at this point in their story, they failed to realize Joseph had forgiven them the first time they showed up in Egypt. Forgiveness can’t be taken back if it’s genuine forgiveness.


What was Joseph’s response in verse 19?


Joseph challenges his brothers to understand God is in control. Life comes from God alone. Death is from God alone. They can’t control it. Joseph’s forgiveness has nothing to do with their life or death. It has to do with their hearts.

Now, write out verse 20 in a journal or type it into a note on your phone.





This is probably the key verse for Joseph’s entire story!

God mysteriously worked His good intentions even though ruthless acts were committed with evil intentions against Joseph. God’s plans are not dependent on the good deeds of the righteous. God’s grace extends beyond our sinfulness and beyond our righteousness.

We mentioned Romans 8:28 in the second week, but this is a good time to refresh our memories. What does Romans 8:28 say?



All things. God works all things for our good.


What is a terrible situation you’ve experienced, but later down the road the Lord used for good?



How does knowing the Lord will use your pain for His glory help you in moments of deep sadness and sorrow?



Let’s look at how Joseph ended his story. Read Genesis 50:22-26.

Verse 24 shows Joseph reminding the brothers of the covenant and the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This promise extends to Joseph, his brothers, and their sons. As Joseph dies, he waited for the promise to be fulfilled. (Which happens in Exodus.)

Joseph’s entire life was spent walking with God, trusting in his plan, and living out what God calls him to do. He fought the good fight and finished his race well. In fact, his final concerns were centered on his family staying true to God and remembering their covenant.

Joseph had no doubt God was faithful. Looking back over his life, he could tell God was continually writing his story. God’s plans were bigger than what Joseph could see at the time, but God nevertheless remained trustworthy.

Pages in our story are still being written, but we're not the writer. God is.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember this truth, but in all things, God is sovereign and in control. He is using our circumstances to bring about His perfect plan. He even uses the negative motives of others to bring about His perfect plan.

So whatever you’re going through right now, God is using you and your circumstances. He’s using you to bring other people to know Him and He’s using you to encourage and love those around you.

What chapter is God writing for you right now? If you had to give it a title what would it be?


What makes it difficult to trust God’s sovereignty?


What can you do today to recognize that the good things in your life are written in because God is gracious?  And how can you use them for God’s good?


What can you do today to realize that the tough things, the bad things, in your life are going to be used by God?


How can you change your attitude in the bad, hard times to be used by God?