Joseph Study | Day Nine

By: Brittany Green | In Charge 

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Remember how we keep saying over and over again that the Lord would use Joseph's life in a big way? That God has a plan? It feels like we’ve been leading up to it over and over again, yet we haven’t seen it play out in a big way. Fortunately, though, today is the day we see God’s plan come together!


Let’s look at Genesis 41:37-57.


What stands out to you? What’s something new you learned about Joseph?


Why did Pharaoh place Joseph in charge of Egypt?


God’s faithfulness to Joseph throughout being sold into slavery by his brothers, accused of rape, and imprisoned propelled Joseph’s obedience to the Lord in every new trial he faced. And his faithfulness to the Lord resulted in finding favor with Pharaoh. 


Joseph explained Pharaoh’s dreams and gave him a plan to prepare for the foretold future famine. Pharaoh listened and saw wisdom in Joe’s words. Joseph was then elevated from a prisoner to the second-in-command over all of Egypt. That’s a huge deal!


Joseph was a foreigner, a convicted liar/rapist (although the accusation was false), and a slave. And in a moment he was renamed, gained a wife, given a lot of power and once again clothed in different clothes.


Can we just talk about Joseph’s character for a bit? I can’t get over how he handled himself. I mean—he had so many opportunities to react in anger or pride. He could have been infuriated at his brothers. He could have reacted poorly to Potiphar’s wife and been angry about prison. But he didn’t. He seemed to handle himself with grace, but also led with great wisdom and discernment to lead Egypt through a major famine. And his provisions saved not just Egypt, but other nations as well.


Look at verse 45. What is Joseph’s new name? 


Who did he give to Joseph as a wife? 


Now look at verses 50-53. Here we meet his children.


Like we talked about with Jacob’s kids, names mean a great deal. All of Jacob’s children have significant names. They didn’t just pick ones that sounded cutesy. They named them based on how they were born, a future blessing/hope for them, or something God was teaching them. The same happens with Joe’s kids.


His first son is named Manasseh, which literally means forget. How does he explain Manasseh? (v. 51)


The second son is Ephraim, whose name means double prosperity. How does Joseph explain it? (v. 52)


Why do you think their names are significant?


There are several things that I think speak highly to Joseph’s character by his kids’ names.

·  He still walked with God. Even though he married an Egyptian who might have come from a different religion and lived among the Egyptians, he remained true to God.

·  He reflected on all the trials the Lord brought him through. He had “forgotten” what his brothers did to him, yet didn’t let bitterness take root in his heart. This is the definition of forgiveness and we’ll see how it comes to fruition in a couple of days.

·  He recognized the success the Lord gave him in a foreign land. He didn’t take credit, but gave it to God.


What stands out to you about Joseph’s character?


What do you need to do today to walk with God like Joseph did? To have character like he did?


Take some time today to ask God to direct your character. He loves you so much and wants you to walk with Him. He wants to make us into the women we’re meant to be.