Joseph Study | Day Eight

By: Brittany Green | Delays

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Week Two! Let’s goooo!! Start off this morning thanking God for a new week.

What are some of your dreams in life? What are your plans? List some things you’re praying and asking God for right now.


Dreams surrounded Joseph’s whole life. Pharaoh’s dreams were no exception.


Let’s pick up our study of Joseph. Read Genesis 41:1-36. [If you want to draw the dreams as you read, go for it! It might be helpful to visualize it.]


Genesis 41:1-8 tells us of Pharaoh’s dream and his inability to find someone able to interpret it. We see Joe once again give God the credit for the dreams. In verses 9-14, the cupbearer finally remembers Joseph and his interpretation of their dreams in prison…after two years! Pharaoh called for Joseph to come and interpret his dream. Joseph interpreted the king’s dreams, which told of the coming seven years of great harvest in Egypt and the following seven years of famine. Joseph then suggests to Pharaoh a possible solution to help the people.


How had God worked in Joseph’s life during his captivity?


How can you keep a proper perspective when you know you have been “wronged” by others and you are paying the unjustified consequences?


Sometimes it seems like everything is going against us. We’re waiting for answers or receive answers we don’t like, for instance not making the dance team, getting into your top college, or winning a certain award.


Many times, God isn’t telling us a flat out no. Rather, He wants us to wait for something different and better. Joseph had to wait two years. It probably seemed like God was closing the door for him to ever get out of prison. But instead, when the time was right God pulled him out of the pit. He was giving Joseph the skills he needed, teaching him things in prison that would be useful in his new position. Delays aren’t always bad.


There is no mistake in where God has you.  Allow Him to use you where you are. God has you in this particular season for a reason. He’s going to teach you things that can only be taught where you currently are in. He’s going to use you in ways you can only be used because you’re in this season.


How are you allowing God to use you right where you are?


Josephs’ life teaches us that disappointments are vital to spiritual growth because they demand faith and resting all hope upon God.


There is often a delay before seeing God work through us. Delays are a necessary time of spiritual preparation. Raymond Edman wrote, “Delay never thwarts God’s purposes; it only polishes His instrument.”


How do you see God’s hand in the “delays” in your life?


How is God “polishing” you?