Joseph Study | Day Seven

By: Brittany Green | God Remembers

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How ya doin’? You’ve made it to day seven! We’ve covered so much this week, so I want to encourage you to keep going. Hang in there, because there’s so much more of this adventure to go.

Take some time today to reflect on this week.

What was a highlight?


What was a low point?


How did you feel this week?


Tell me a couple of things you’ve learned this week. It can be anything: at school, with your friends, your family, at church?


What has God taught you this week?  What's one or two lessons you’ve learned from Joseph?


How are you going to put what God has taught you this week into action?


I think it’s fitting that we take this Sunday to reflect and prepare for the week ahead.


Go to Psalm 105. Read this Psalm and pay special attention to the first 22 verses.


The author, most likely David, tells Israel to praise God because he delivered his people from Egypt in fulfillment of his promises to Abraham.

Psalm 105:42 tells us that God remembers his promise to Abraham. He remembers.

He remembered then. He remembered Joseph. And He remembers today. He remembers you.

He knows you and loves you. He knows what you’re going through – good and bad. He knows what you’re in to. And He knows your life. He knows how He’s going to use you for His good and perfect purposes.

So rest in that today.

Know I'm praying this over you! 

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