Joseph Study | Day Five

By: Brittany Green | Accused 

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Happy Friday! You’ve made it to Friday! Yay! Whether you’re starting your morning, ending your day, or reading this somewhere in between, take a moment to reflect on the busyness, stress, or laughs from this past week. Take a moment to lay everything before the Lord.

Now, start off today’s devo by reading Genesis 39.

What stands out to you in this passage?


Let’s go back and highlight or underline a couple key verses: verse 2, the end of verse 5, verse 21, and the end of verse 23. (And yes, it’s okay to write in your Bible. A marked up Bible means you’ve been intently studying Scripture. Get the Word into your heart by writing in the margins, circling key words, underlining application verses, or starring + doodling important things!)

Out of these four verses, what seems to be a common theme?



I’d sum it up as God’s Favor.

The Lord demonstrates his favor by delighting in children who favor him. “In the same way, God shows favor to the ones who delight in, connect with, and give honor to Him.”[1] Joseph did just that by seeking the Lord obediently both publicly and privately. Not only did the Lord give favor to Joseph, but Potiphar also found favor in him and gave more responsibility to Joseph as a result.

Being known as a favored child of the Lord is not about getting success, blessing, or fame, but centered in the Lord’s desire to give grace upon grace to His beloved children.

Therefore, how can we receive God’s favor? Was it just offered to heroes in the Bible?


Nope! Those people, like us, were ordinary men and women. Most of them were a mess. A hot mess! Yet God chose to use them anyway. If you are like me, you’re a bit of a mess too. So this is incredibly good news! I know if I tried to win God’s favor on my own, I’d fall flat on my face day after day.

So lean in and take comfort in God’s favor over your life. He wants to do much with your life!

However, though we might be favored by God and by others, it does not exempt us from heartache, pain, and trials. Rather, favor offers the Father’s presence at all times.

In Joseph’s soap opera of a life, let’s dive deeper into a scene of today’s episode.

What soap opera unfolds in Genesis 39:7-20? What happened?


We find Joseph being hit on day after day by his master’s wife. And this chick was persistent!

How do you think Joseph felt telling his master’s wife no over and over again?


How did he eventually respond?


He flees! Potiphar’s wife catches him by his coat and he hightails it out of there. Way to go, Joe! (Let’s add this robe to the list of robes taken from him. Sound familiar?)

Do you respond to sin like Joseph did? How do you face temptation? What pulls you away from God’s best for your life?  


We live in the noisiest generation in history. Between phones, social media, television, loud music, and the thousands of lies and pressures put on you daily, we are consistently pulled in different directions. With all the loud messages we receive through media, our lives are anything but quiet. We’ve grown up in this culture and grown numb to it all as a result.

In the same way, I fear our generation has become numb to sin as well. We easily justify our actions by explaining it away. I’m truly saddened to hear others often excuse their behavior by saying “everyone else is doing…even other Christians.” Both you and I know that’s not God’s best for our lives.

Just because we don’t hear the noise doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because the world doesn’t condemn sin doesn’t condone it either.

If we want to live obediently, we must reject the world’s self-gratifying view of sin and accept the Lord’s perspective of sin.

How did Joseph view sin? (Hint: Read verse 9!)


Sin is a matter of the heart. Once we realize it’s not about rules and regulations, but reverence to the Lord, we begin to freely flee fleeting feelings. 

Here’s the deal: God was with Joseph and God is with you. You can flee sin because God gives you the strength to do so. We might get laughed at because we don’t curse like our friends or drink or make out with our boyfriends. But how much better is a right relationship with God than a few laughs? Joseph paid for his righteousness by being thrown into jail. But we’ll see tomorrow how God was there for every step of the next dramatic step in Joseph’s life.

So this begs the question: What do you need to flee from today?


Write down what sins you need to run from and hand them over to God. He is waiting with forgiveness. We just have to ask!


When I was really little, my mom let me watch soap operas with her while my dad was at work. The drama of it all had us questioning each day what would happen to these ridiculous characters. I don’t think anything Hollywood could come up with is as juicy as what we find in some Old Testament stories!

Study with us tomorrow to get a greater glimpse of Joseph’s great obedience and God’s plan.