Marbling Stationery Guide + Social Media Giveaway!

Starting tomorrow, we will be studying the life of Joseph. (Whoop whoop!) As we brainstormed ideas for our social media photos throughout this series, we couldn't figure out what type of pictures to pair with his story. However, we could not stop thinking about how dreams effected his life dramatically. 

And as we searched Pinterest for dream projects, we landed on this super fun, super easy Marble Stationery. Doesn't it look dreamy + airy? 

Over the next couple of weeks, you'll find pictures of our photo shoot paired with posts straight from the life of Joseph. And it was so fun, we want to give you the opportunity to do this with some of your friends! 

To win a DIY Marble Stationery kit full of all these supplies, 

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*Winner will be announced on February 24th!* 

Even if you don't win, here is the step-by-step process to make marbled stationery! 

SUPPLIES NEEDED: pan or baking sheet, spatula, can of shaving cream, liquid or gel food color, stationery + envelopes, washi tape, and a ruler.


Pour shaving cream into a container big enough to fit the size of paper you are using. We went with a 13 x 9 inch baking pan, but could have easily used a raised baking sheet or a small, plastic storage tote. 


Choose your colors! We used gel food coloring and heard it works best, but liquid food dye should work too. 


Sprinkle dots of the colors you want to be on your envelope or stationery. Heads up: with gel dye, we found the colors to be really dark. If you feel like you've done too much of one color, don't worry! You'll be able to fix it in the next step. 


Let the marbling begin! With a spatula, fold the shaving cream to mix the colors. You can fold it as little or as much as you want! Doesn't it look dreamy?! 



Choose what design you want to have on your envelope or stationery! If you want the whole front to be marbled, tape the edges on the backside of the envelope. If you want a zigzag design, place tape on the front, as well as the back. (It keeps it from bleeding through.) Then, place the paper in the shaving cream. Make sure all of the surface has been touched! 


On a flat surface, lay some kraft paper or newspaper down. This step will get messy! Take the envelope and your ruler and wipe off the excess shaving cream. 


Lay the final product in between two pieces of paper. Add a heavy textbook or object on top to help it dry quicker. Within 15-20 minutes, it should be fully dry and ready to write on and send. Enjoy sending pretty snail mail or letters to friends and family!