The Comparison Game | Day Seventeen

By: Megan Gover | To download the third week of this study, click here.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and shades of drama. No matter the dynamic of your family—traditional, blended, divorced, or single-parent—loved ones inevitably will drive us crazy as they love us deeply.

Before we dissect how we compare our family members specifically, pray and ask the Lord to produce thankfulness for your loved ones. May you begin to realize the Lord placed you in the family you are in with great purpose and reason before the world was even made! 


Name some things you love about your parents. Is it their quirky humor or innate ability to cheer you up? What are some of the things that make them unique?


What have your parents taught you over the years?


If you were to be honest, how do you compare them inferiorly to other parents?


How have you compared your parents to others in a superior way? How could you share your parents with friends who don’t have the same relationship with theirs?


Do you measure one parent against the other? If yes, specifically how so?


How have your parents disappointed you or caused you pain?


[HUGE NOTE: If you are in a situation where anyone in your family is abusing you, mistreating you or asking you to do something disobedient to Christ, let a mentor, teacher, student pastor, or family friend know ASAP, so they can wisely help you respond.]


How does measuring your parents in any capacity kill your joy of having a relationship with them? What emotions are a by-product of your comparisons?



Name what you love about each of your siblings. Why are you grateful for them? What have they taught you from their example?


If you were to be honest, how do you compare them inferiorly to other friend’s siblings? 


How have you compared your siblings to others in a superior way?


Do you feel like one child in the family is favored over the others? Why do you feel that way? What is an instance of this?


Have you told your parents you feel this way? 


How have your brothers and sisters disappointed you or caused you pain?


Regardless of the dynamics of your family, the by-product of comparing loved ones are pretty clear:

Frustration festers within us.

Anger agitates our actions.

Bitterness burdens our soul.


All these emotions all kill our joy. However, I want you to know you are not alone in the roller coaster of emotions and irritations caused by family members.

Let’s look at some families in the Bible and see how ideal their circumstances were. Reference these passages and write down the family members involved and a little gist of some of their problems.

Genesis 4:1-12 –


Genesis 16:1-16 –


Genesis 25:19-34 –


Genesis 27:1-46 –


Genesis 29:16-30 –


Genesis 37:12-36 –


I know that was a lot of reading! However, I wanted to show you how much family drama there was in some of the first generations of Israel—let alone the first book of the Bible.


When broken people are a part of the same family, a little brokenness is inevitable. However, how we choose to handle and react to the mistakes, hurts, and pain caused from family members is ultimately our own decision.


Tomorrow, we are going to look at ways to infuse joy back into our home life by fixing our gaze upon our Savior’s forgiveness and love. As you wrap up today, ask the Lord for thankfulness to overflow for your family this week.