The Comparison Game | Day Thirteen

By: Megan Gover | To download the second week of this study, click here. 

Over the last few days, we looked at some of the comparisons we might face while looking into the mirror, on the soccer field, or visiting a friend’s lake house. Out of all the comparisons areas we will study throughout this series, beauty, talent, and material possessions are some of the more apparent ways we measure ourselves against others. It’s easier to compare something visually seen all of the time.

However, there are some comparisons that are off our radar, yet subtly creep into our lives and steal our joy. When often discussing with girls about the Comparison Game, one area often goes highly undetected—our spiritual walks with the Lord. Whether you feel like you’re a sinner who can’t be saved or a saint who needs no forgiveness, both can dangerously effect how we walk in repentance and confession.

Before we start unearthing ways we compare our sin, thank Jesus for making it possible to have a relationship with Him. Through His reconciliation, we may walk confidently in His presence. What a gift!


 Let’s begin our time with a refresher of the Gospel.

Turn to Romans 10. Paul is writing to the Roman church—filling his letter with deep theology and truth about salvation being afforded to all.


Read Romans 10:9-14. What do you have to declare with your mouth and believe in your heart in order to be saved?


Why is important for Jesus to not only be our Savior, but our Lord?


Why is Christ’s resurrection vital to our salvation?


Who is the Gospel intended for?


Have you personally asked the Lord to forgive you of your sins because of His love and sacrifice for you?


If not, all you have to do is believe in your heart and confess with your mouth. There is no fancy prayer or ritual you have to do to start a relationship with Christ! [If you want more information about the Gospel and being forgiven, contact us at Minted Truth or talk to a Jesus-following adult or friend!]


Now, though we might have a relationship with Christ, our lives don’t instantly become sinless. Rather, we are forgiven of our sin, but still unfortunately have our sinful nature. This is where comparisons enter the mix.



When you feel like a sinner, odds are you are struggling with inferior comparisons. What are some examples of comparing your sin to someone else?


What are some by-products of comparing your sin to those who seem like the “perfect” church girl?


A vicious cycle can happen when we feel our sins are deeper than others.


What is shame? Who is shame from?


How is shame different than conviction?


If you ever have a hard time remembering, think of this acronym: Shame is from Satan and Conviction is from Christ! Conviction comes from the Lord and says: you did wrong. Shame comes from Satan and says: you are wrong.

Have you ever been in a fight and been wrong about something? Is your first reaction to easily admit you’re wrong or does it take you some time? Why?


If we feel that our sin disqualifies us, we won’t confess and repent of it.


What does 1 John 1:9 say about God’s reaction towards our confession of sin? 


What does Proverbs 26:11 say about continuing in sin?


When we compare our sin and feel like an unforgivable sinner in view of other’s “perfect lives”, we lose the joy of walking in a right relationship with God—which includes admitting sin and walking away from sin.


Let’s really quickly read a story of a woman who did not let other’s titles of “sinner” label and affect her pursuit of Jesus.


Flip to Luke 7 and read verses 36-38. What were the Pharisees known for? What was the lady known for?


What were the two different reactions between the man and the woman towards Jesus?


Jesus ultimately knew what this man was thinking and commented in verses 40-43. What example did Jesus use to illustrate forgiveness?


What was Jesus response in verses 44-48?


Our sins should make us fall into the Lord’s forgiveness instead of running away from it. As a result, what steps do you need to take today in order to walk in repentance and confession?


End this time thanking the Lord for His unbelievable grace and mercy. May you choose to allow the Lord’s forgiveness to sweep over you and propel you to live in constant pursuit of His presence!