The Comparison Game | Day Four

By: Megan Gover | To download this first week of this series, click here. 

Today we are going to look at different ways insecurity can pan out in our lives. Let’s start off by praying Psalm 139:23-24 over ourselves. “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.”

As we look at two different men who struggled with insecurity, inadequacy, and anger through their comparisons, we will gain a greater insight as to how to combat these emotions to chokehold our joy.


Insecurity + Inadequacy


What is the difference between insecurity and inadequacy?


Let’s look at a man from the Old Testament who struggled with these grappling fears. List everything you know about Moses.


What was significant about his birth? (Browse Exodus 2:1-10) Why did he flee to Midian? (Hint: Exodus 2:11-15)


Now read Exodus 3:1-4. How did the Lord appear to Moses?


Read Exodus 3:5-14. According to verse 8, what men did the Lord mention he was the father of?


What is the significance of the Lord recalling Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?


What was the Lord asking Moses to do?


Within the passage, what verse first mentions his inadequacy?  How does the Lord calm his fear of being incapable or unworthy?


Let’s fast forward to chapter four. Read Exodus 4:1-17. What three statements does Moses make hinting to his insecurities to lead his people out of Egypt?








Next to each of these insecurities, what three signs did the Lord gave him to comfort these fears?


Moses didn’t feel qualified in his speaking ability, authority, and the task the Lord asked him to do. Ultimately, he went on to do the very thing the Lord called him to do, but comparing his capabilities almost compromised his calling. It even frustrated the Lord!


What is something you feel insecure about? What would make you begin to feel secure in this area?


What is something you feel very inadequate in? What would make you begin to feel adequate in this area?


How have these two emotions killed your joy before? What is an example of you having your own Moses Moment?  


Next time you are tempted to feel inferior, ask the Lord to instill godly confidence, produce a willing and able spirit, and propel you towards obedience in the Lord!


Jealousy and Bitterness

To gain a greater understanding of jealousy and bitterness, look no further than King Saul. Flip over to the book of 1 Samuel. Before you start reading, it’s important to know the context of where this passage is taking place.


The Israelites wanted a king against the Lord’s wishes, but the Lord still granted their request. Samuel, an old prophet, anointed Saul as king. However, through Saul’s disobedience, he was rejected as their ruler and David was anointed to reign. Though David isn’t officially royalty in this chapter, he has just defeated Goliath and is gaining in popularity amongst God’s people.


Now read 1 Samuel 1:11. Who was David’s new friend? According to 1 Samuel 14:1, how is Jonathan related to King Saul?


David became highly ranked in the army and people started to compare him to Saul in what way? What was Saul’s reaction to their songs?


What did Saul fear David would take away from him?


How did we see Saul’s fears overtake him in chapter 18?


What comparisons make you feel envious or resentful?


Have you ever felt threatened because of jealousy? How did you respond?


In 1 Samuel 19, Saul begins a lifetime effort to hunt down David’s life.


Hopefully you haven’t sought to end one’s life! But, it goes to show the detrimental effects jealousy and anger can have over us. David’s relationship with Jonathan, political popularity and attention all spurred Saul on a path of vengeance.


As we end today’s study, ask the Lord to help you cultivate a life of thanksgiving for the blessings He’s given and conviction when jealousy rules your heart!