Bloodline: An Unlikely You | Day Ten


By: Kate Downing

Over the past nine days, we’ve studied the lives and stories of the five unlikely women listed in Jesus’ bloodline. These women struggled with sin, experienced brokenness, battled hopelessness, endured deep hurt, and faced impossible situations. They were purposefully chosen and highlighted in Jesus’ genealogy to demonstrate God’s incredible ability to heal, provide, restore, and do the impossible.  

Each of the five women demonstrates an area of struggle in our own lives. We have all faced brokenness, judgment, hopelessness, and hurt.  We have all struggled to believe that God was present, let-alone able to work in the midst of our struggle. And we have all faced the fear we are unusable. However, these women’s stories declare to us that God is able!  

Before we jump into our last day together in this study, let’s spend the next five minutes praying about these things:

  • Thank God for speaking to you through the lives of these women.
  • Praise God for some of the specific things He has taught you about His ability to use you.

  • Ask Him to continue to speak to you today through His Word.

Look back at the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:1-16.  In your own words, why did God include these five women in this genealogy?


Take the next few minutes to thoughtfully answer the following two questions about each of the five women:

  1. What did God teach you about Himself from the story of …

  2. What did God teach you about yourself from the story of…











Whose story can you relate to most? How has studying her story changed your view of God and His ability to use you?


It’s so important to dissect what God has taught you! He has given you wisdom so that you might share it with others! So, what friend or family member can you share what God has taught you? Will you allow God to use another unlikely girl to do incredible things? Will you allow God to use you to teach this friend about His ability to heal, give hope, and use the unlikely?  

Sweet friend, I am so incredibly excited to have studied these five unlikely and incredible women with you! I pray God has taught you so much through their lives. I pray you would see yourself as God does, unlikely and called to do incredible things for God’s glory!