Bloodline: An Impossible Woman | Day Nine


By: Kate Downing

What is your favorite Christmas song? Mine is “Mary Did You Know.” Honestly, for much of my life, it was not on my favorites list. However, a few years ago,  I sat in my office listening to the song, crying (don’t judge me) thinking “I don’t know!” I don’t know if she knew her baby boy would heal a blind man or calm the storm. I don’t know if she knew her baby boy would walk on water or save her from the bondage of sin.

I don’t know what Mary knew, but I know what Mary did. She surrendered her future, her plans, and her reputation to God so that He might use an impossible woman to give birth to His perfect Son!  

Get ready, because today, we are studying the life of Mary! She is the most well-known woman of the Bible, but do we really know what it took for her to be used by God? She was not unlikely like the other women. She didn’t have a deeply sinful past; she hadn’t experienced life-altering hurt, she wasn’t even a foreigner, but Mary was a virgin and that made giving birth to a son absolutely impossible. Yet, that’s exactly what she did.  

Let’s dive into Mary’s story and see how God used an impossible woman’s surrender to bring about the most incredible gift to the world!

Spend the next few minutes praying for these things:

  • Praise God for three things.

  • Thank Him for giving you the Bible to study.

  • Ask Him to speak to you through Mary’s story today.

Read Luke 1:26-28. List the facts we are told about Mary in these verses.


It’s important that we understand there was nothing extra-special or extra-spiritual about Mary. She was a normal girl probably around 16 years of age. We are told she was engaged to a man but was still a virgin. She was at home in what was most likely her parent’s house minding her own business when an angel suddenly appeared to her. The angel declared that God had chosen to show her great favor and to bless her in an incredible way.  

Read Luke 1:29-33. 


Can we blame Mary for being a little freaked out? How would you have responded if while you were doing the dishes and an angel showed up in your kitchen?  


What did the angel declare would happen to her (vs. 31)?  


Who would Jesus be according to vs. 32-33?


The Jewish people had been awaiting the coming of the Messiah. He was to be a great warrior and leader who would free the Jews from captivity and re-established the royal line and kingship of David. Therefore, this idea of a great ruler coming to reign on the throne of David was not new to Mary. She would have known about the Messiah and would have undoubtedly understood that this was whom she was to give birth to.  However, there was one problem…

Read Luke 1:34-35. What made this whole situation impossible?


Have you been in a situation in which God asked you to do something that you felt unqualified or unable to do? When have you felt like the impossible woman, like God could never use you because you are not in a relationship, not talented enough, or inexperienced?

This is one of the reasons I love Mary’s story. She understood she was the most unlikely of candidates to give birth to a child since she was still a virgin.  She understood the whole situation was impossible, yet responded like this…

Read Luke 1:38.

Did she ask for details or help in convincing her parents or future husband that she did not sleep with another man but instead was pregnant with the Messiah? No, she simply surrendered her will, her future, and even her reputation to the Lord. Becoming pregnant outside of marriage was a crime punishable by death at this time. Mary was literally saying, God, even if it means my life, I will do what you ask.  

The word “servant” she used in this verse refers to the kind of servant who would willingly become or remain a servant not out of a need to repay a debt or earn a living, but instead out of love for the master. She loved and trusted God enough to surrender everything for the sake of being used by God.  

How would you have responded to the call to lay down your reputation, future plans, and possibly your life?


The truth is, God is calling you to surrender each of these things in order to follow Him. Jesus calls us to surrender to His plan trusting that the life He calls us to is abundantly more than what we had planned.  

Matthew 16:24-25 says, “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.’”

Friend, the life God has in store for you is better than you can imagine but it requires surrender. Mary didn’t know all the incredible things Jesus would do, but she trusted Him anyway. She surrendered all she held most dearly so that she could experience what God had planned. You and I are called to do the same.  

How can you relate to Mary?


How are you struggling to believe God’s plan for you is better than your plan?  


Confess these things before the Lord right now and spend the next few minutes asking Him to help you have the faith and surrender of Mary so that you might experience the incredible things He has in store for you.  

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