Bloodline: A Hopeless Woman Pt. 2


By: Kate Downing

Have you ever thought about why princess fairy tales are so appealing to little girls (and maybe even some of us big girls)? I am sure it has something to do with ball gowns and tiaras, but I think there is something deeper that attracts us to these love stories.  

Intricately woven within these tales of adventure and romance is a kind of love story that appeals to a deep longing in our hearts. This is a longing created within us from the very beginning. It is a longing for unconditional love.

You see, we don’t love the story of Cinderella because the prince falls in love with a beautiful girl at the ball.  We love it because he chases after her and loves her even in her rags. This is the kind of love we long for, the kind that is willing to fight dragons, climb towers, and defy cultural norms, the kind that cannot be stopped.

Ruth’s story is quite the fairy tale. As we saw yesterday, Ruth found herself in the most hopeless of positions. Yet, she chose not to look for hope in her circumstances but in God. Today, we are going to look at the rest of Ruth’s story. We will see how God provided hope and incredible love to the girl who once was hopeless.

Take three minutes to pray over these things:

  • Thank God for the opportunity to study His Word today.

  • Ask Him to speak to you through Ruth’s story.

  • Ask Him to show you His love in a whole new way today.

Before we jump back into Ruth’s story, it’s important to remember what the Law of Levirate Marriage is. As we discussed on day two, God had established this law to ensure that widows were cared for after their husbands died. The law required the next living, male-relative of the deceased husband to marry the widow, give her a child to carry on her late husband’s legacy and care for her.

Ok, now let’s jump back in. Read Ruth 1:22-2:3.

Those who were too poor to own their own land were allowed to “glean” or pick up the wheat that was dropped during the harvesting process. The poor and needy, especially widowed women, would glean in Israeli fields in order to survive. This is what Ruth set out to do in these verses. She was going to provide food for her and Naomi. She didn’t know God had a much bigger plan in store.  

Who owned the field where Ruth was gleaning (vs. 3)?  Who was he a family member of?  Who was Elimelech (Ruth 1:2)?


Coincidence? I think not! God had never left Ruth’s side. He was with her every step of the way. Her circumstances weren’t glamorous and some may have considered them hopeless, but Ruth chose to find her hope in God. And, as a result of her faith and obedience, God blessed Ruth with more than she could have ever dreamed. Let’s read how!

Read Ruth 2:4-12.

This is the scene in every movie where the unsuspecting girl catches the eye of the popular guy. Ruth caught the eye of Boaz and his love for her was immediate.  

What reputation did Ruth have in the community (vs. 11-12)?


Read Ruth 4:13-17.

Like that fairy tale love we all long for, the story of Ruth and Boaz is not heartwarming because a rich man fell in love with a pretty girl. It is incredible, heartwarming, and hope-filled for each of us because it is the story of God providing redemption, love, and hope to one who once was hopeless. This story is not as much about a love story between a man and a woman as it is a love story between God and his daughter. Ruth chose to follow God above all, and God provided the very hope and love she had longed for.  

Can you relate to Ruth? Have you struggled with hopelessness? Have you felt like you are just trying to survive?  


Well sweet friend, let me tell you there is hope, love, and redemption in a relationship with God. He is able to redeem your hopelessness just as He did Ruth’s. Today, walk in the hope that can only come from knowing your God is working every part of your life for your good and His glory!  

Set your phone alarm for five minutes. Spend these five minutes in uninterrupted praise to God. Don’t ask Him for anything; just praise Him for who He is, who you are in Him, and for the hope He brings into your life.  

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