Bloodline: A Hopeless Woman Pt. 1


By: Kate Downing

Hopelessness is one of the most crippling emotions. It permeates every part of our hearts and minds telling us there is no reason to try, no reason to hope. Seasons of hopelessness in my life have been the hardest seasons I’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s brought on by a failed relationship, a broken promise, or a plan than did not work out the way I wanted, hopelessness creeps into my heart and mind more times than I care to admit.  

However, God has taught me something so important about hope during these seasons.  He has taught me that He alone is the one who placed the longing for hope in my heart. Therefore, He is the only One who can fulfill that longing. In Him, I have hope!  

Today, we are going to meet Ruth. She is a girl who understood hopelessness. She faced it in every area of her life. However, she chose to find her hope in God instead of her circumstances, and she is an example to us all that we have hope in Him!  

Take the next few minutes to pray over these things:

  • Admit to God the area(s) of your life in which you are struggling to find hope.

  • Thank Him for placing the desire for hope in your heart.

  • Ask Him to speak to you today through Ruth’s story.

Let me introduce you to Ruth and her family. Read Ruth 1:1-5.


Even the beginning of this story is filled with hopelessness. What was happening in the land of Israel that made Elimelech and Naomi leave?     


Famine. This word alone paints a picture of hopelessness. There was no food in the land of Israel, so in order to survive, Elimelech and Naomi traveled to Moab with their two sons. Over the course of ten years, Naomi and her family continued to face great hardship and tragedy.  

What happened to all the men of Naomi’s family?


During this time period, there was no real hope for widows. Without a husband or sons, a woman’s future was bleak at best. Her only option was to become a beggar. When Naomi’s husband and two sons died, hopelessness must have flooded her heart and mind.  

Read Ruth 1:6-15.

Summarize these verses into a few sentences.


What was Naomi trying to convince Ruth to do?  


Ruth’s family was Moabite. They served the gods of the Moabites and would require her to do the same. Though she had hope of remarrying by returning to her Moabite family, Ruth refused to go back.  

Read Ruth 1:16-17.

What did Ruth declare about God in verse 16?


What a response! Ruth was determined to follow Naomi, and more than that, she was determined to follow Naomi’s God. Ruth knew that going to Israel with Naomi probably meant she would never remarry since Israelite men were not looking to marry Moabites. However, she surrendered the hope of marrying for the hope of a relationship with the God of Israel. She understood the hope He offered her was better than anything she might find by returning to her old life.  

How would you have responded? How have you responded when things haven’t gone the way you planned?


Do you turn to seeking hope in relationships or things? Or, do you turn to seeking hope in God?  


The truth is God is the only one who can fulfill your deepest longing for hope.  


Lamentations 3:24 says, “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, ‘therefore I will hope in him.’” (NASB)

God is enough for us. He is our portion, and therefore, we can hope in Him! God chose to use a woman, who the word would have declared hopeless. He included her in His Son’s bloodline to show us that the hope he offers is so much better than he hope our circumstances brings us! We too can be filled with hope when we find our sufficiency in God alone.

What things do you place your hope in outside of God?  (Ex. relationships, peoples’ opinions of you, your abilities, etc.)  

Do they bring you lasting hope?  They never can. Only the One who placed a longing in your heart for hope can fully fulfill it!  Confess to God these areas where you have looked for hope and ask Him to help you see that He is all you need!  

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