Bloodline: A Woman With a Past | Day Four


By: Kate Downing

I used to be called “Crooked-Nose Kate.” A handful of soccer teammates called me this rather unattractive name in high school. You see, there were several games in a row where I was either kicked in the nose or had a soccer ball slam into my face. Needless to say, there was a lot of blood, but miraculously my nose never broke! Really, my nose was never crooked. However, the name stuck, and though it wasn’t glamorous, I began answering to it.  

Often times in our lives, we become known for the not-so-glamorous things we’ve done. Though it may hurt, we often begin believing we are defined by our past. Today, we are going to look at the second woman listed in the bloodline of Jesus Christ. Her name is Rahab, and she was a woman who was known for her past sin. However, God knew her for a very different reason.  

Before we jump in, take the next three minutes to pray over these things:

  • Praise God for two things in your life.  
  • Thank God for the opportunity to study His Word today.

  • Ask Him to speak to you through Rahab’s story.

Let’s meet Rahab! Read Joshua 2:1-2.

What was Rahab known as?


Her entire identity was wrapped up in her actions. She was known as a prostitute. We don’t know how she came into this line of work. She may have willingly chosen to become a prostitute, been sold into it by her father or forced into it by the death of her husband. All three of these possibilities were common at this time. No matter how she came into it, her whole identity was based on this less than glamorous and honestly, sinful lifestyle.  

However, Rahab’s life was so much more than her past. You see, though she was known as a prostitute, she was almost certainly no longer practicing this lifestyle. She had come to know the One who gave her forgiveness and worth beyond measure, and because of this, her life was changed.  

Read Joshua 2:8-11. What word does Rahab call God?

She called him “Lord.” When the name “Lord” is written this way in an English translation of the Bible, it indicates that the original word used for God was “Yahweh.” This is the holiest and personal name of God. The significance of Rahab using this name for God is an indication of her belief in Him as the one, true God. This is further confirmed in how she describes Him in verse eleven.  

What does Rahab declare about God’s power and presence in verse 11?


Rahab had heard about the God of the Israelites, and she had chosen to believe that He was the one true God. Though her city still knew her as a prostitute, God knew her by her faith. We know this because God chose to not only list her in the genealogy of Jesus but spoke of her and her faith in two other places in the New Testament.  

Read Hebrews 11:31.

This verse is included in what is commonly called “The Hall of Faith.” Hebrews chapter eleven is filled with a list of men and women who were known for their faith in God. Rahab is listed here not because she was a prostitute, but because of her faith.  

Read James 2:25.

Again, Rahab is known for her faith! Her faith in God was proven to be real when she hid the spies (to read more about this, check out the Minted Truth study “Strong and Courageous”).  

Rahab’s sinful past once defined her worth, but when she came to faith in God, it simply defined how far God brought her out of worthlessness and into an incredible value. God knew her not for her past but for her faith. The same can be true for you! When you come to know Him as your Savior, He does not define you by your past mistakes. Instead, He knows you by your faith in Him. Therefore, we must stop defining ourselves by our past, and start identifying ourselves as who we really are – daughters of God!  

Read Romans 8:15-17 and pray it back to God as a declaration of who you are in Him! Ask Him to help you no longer define yourself by your past failures, but to walk in confidence as His daughter!  

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