Bloodline: A Broken Woman Pt. 2


By: Kate Downing 

Have you seen the movie Maleficent? It’s a story about brokenness leading to sin. The main character Maleficent has something very important taken from her. As the pain of brokenness sinks in, she begins to build up walls in her heart and becomes angry and bitter at the world. Eventually, her brokenness led her into sin. Out of spite and bitterness from what had been done to her, she acted in sin and cursed the princess (Sleeping Beauty).  

Yesterday, we looked at the first part of Tamar’s story. We read how her future, her relationships and her trust were broken by the sinful actions of others.  She was a broken woman, and as we will discover today, she was a woman who allowed the sinful actions of other to lead her into sin.  

This is often true for us. When we experience the pain of others’ sinful actions, we fall into the trap of seeking vengeance, taking matters into our own hands, or acting in a way that does not honor God. Just like Maleficent, our brokenness can often lead us to act in brokenness.

Before we read more about Tamar’s story, spend the next five minutes praying over these things:

  • Thank God for the opportunity to read His Word today.
  • Ask God to speak to you through Tamar’s story.

  • Ask God to reveal to you any area of sin in your life.


Read Genesis 38:11-19.

Wow! Talk about a messed up family!


How did Tamar take matters into her own hands in these verses?  


How were Tamar’s actions sinful?


Let’s not overlook how sinful Judah’s actions were here. He saw a prostitute and decided to sleep with her. He was wrong to have broken his promise to Tamar and he was wrong to have slept with a prostitute. However, Tamar’s response to Judah’s broken promise was to take matters into her own hands. She decided she if he was going to act wickedly so could she. Tamar took off her widow’s clothing, put on the clothing of a prostitute, sat by the roadside, and waited for Judah to come around. When he did, he fell for her trick and slept with her. If there was ever a more broken situation, I’m not sure what it would be!

Read Genesis 38:24-26.

The things Tamar faced were incredibly hard, but they were not an excuse to act in sin. She allowed the broken actions of others to lead her to act in brokenness. She slept with her father-in-law and become pregnant.  


What was Judah’s response to the news that Tamar was pregnant (vs. 24)?


Put yourself in Tamar’s shoes for a minute. You’ve had two husbands who were so wicked that God killed them. One of those husbands refused to have a child with you, and the third husband you had been promised, that you had waited years for, never came. Now, you’ve acted in sin.  You’ve slept with your father-in-law and become pregnant. Now, you are being led to be burned at the stake, accused of the very sin you know your accuser has committed.  Brokenness --absolute brokenness.


How did Tamar prove that Judah was the father of her baby?


How did Judah respond to the news that he had been caught in his sin and had in fact slept with his daughter-in-law?


God spared Tamar’s life. And, even more than that He blessed her with an incredible gift.  


Read Genesis 38:27.


Twins! To the woman who had been unwanted, hopeless, and disappointed, God gave two sons!  And, as we already know, He chose to use her and list her in the bloodline of Jesus.

Tamar was a broken woman who acted in brokenness, yet God chose to use her!  

No matter how broken you feel or how broken your actions have been, God offers you forgiveness and hope. He offers to redeem your brokenness, to heal your hurts, and to use you if you would surrender to Him.  

Take the next few minutes to list out the sins you have turned to (ex. anger, bitterness, vengeance, gossip, etc.).  


Then confess and repent of these sins before the Lord. Thank Him for the forgiveness He already paid for on the cross. Ask Him to help you no longer use the brokenness of others as an excuse to act in brokenness yourself.

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