Bloodline: Unlikely Women | Day One


By: Kate Downing 

There is nothing more exciting than seeing an underdog become the hero! Whether it’s the last chance football team that wins the championship or the peasant girl who becomes a princess, the unlikely hero appeals to our secret hope that maybe one day, we could be a part of something great. That hope is lived out in our daydreams and love for underdog stories.  

Due to our past, our families, or our insecurities, it often feels like nothing more than a fairy tale. It’s easy to believe that the unlikely only become heroes in the movies. However, what if I were to tell you that God is able to use the unlikely to do incredible things and that in fact, He already has? What if you were to read the stories of the most unlikely women with broken and hopeless pasts being used by God in the most incredible ways? How would it spark that hope inside of you, the hope to be used by God despite your past, despite your struggles, despite your doubts?  

Well, it’s true! God did choose to use the most unlikely of women to be included in the most incredible of bloodlines; the bloodline of His perfect, holy Son, Jesus Christ. And God is able to fulfill that hope inside of you; the hope to be more, to do more, to see God more no matter your past or your hurts. He is a God who redeems, heals, and does the impossible! Let’s begin this journey of studying the five women included in Jesus’ genealogy and discover how these unlikely women were able to be used in such an incredible way!   

Before we begin, take a few minutes to pray over these things:

  • Thank God for the opportunity to spend time in His Word today.

  • Thank Him for the hope He has placed in you to be used for more.

  • Ask Him to speak to you through His Word today.

Alright, let’s jump in! Read Matthew 1:1-16.

Whew! That was a lot of names! Truthfully, that was probably not the most interesting portion of Scripture you’ve ever read, and that’s okay! Genealogies are usually the portions of the Bible we want to skip right over. But, there is a very specific reason Matthew included list of names in his book.

Whose family is being listed here (vs. 16)?      


Who is Jesus?  If you are not sure who Jesus really is, read Philippians 2:5-11.  


Given how significant Jesus is, how significant is this genealogy?


God included this record of Jesus’ bloodline for some very specific reasons. It begins with Abraham (vs. 2), which proves that Jesus is a Jew. It includes King David (vs. 6), which proves that Jesus has every right to reign on the throne of King David (2 Samuel 7:12). Jesus’ Jewish nationality and his royal lineage fulfill some specific prophecies of who the Messiah would be.

For centuries, the Jews had longed for the Messiah (the long awaited one) who they believed would free them from captivity and reign as king over Israel. Though the salvation and reign He brought looked different than the Jew’s expected, Jesus was this Messiah. God understood the importance of establishing Jesus’ family line so that people would recognize Him for who He was, their Savior. Therefore, the genealogy listed in Matthew chapter one is important to understanding and establishing who Jesus was and is!  

However, it is not only incredible because it establishes Jesus’ Jewish and Royal heritage, it is incredible because it exemplifies God’s ability to use even the most unlikely to do great things!  It does this by listing five of the most unlikely women.

Read Matthew 1:1-16 again and this time write down or underline the name of each of the five women listed.  

  1. Tamar – vs. 3

  2. Rahab – vs. 5

  3. Ruth – vs. 5

  4. “the wife of Uriah” (Bathsheba) – vs. 6

  5. Mary – vs. 16

Over the next few days we are going to look at the lives of these women.  We will discover that two of them were prostitutes; four were foreigners (non-Jews); two were, for all intents and purposes, abused by men; and three lost their husbands.  Their stories are almost unbelievable, their pain is clear, and their sins are abundant, yet God chose to not only use them in the bloodline of His Son but to record if for all of history.  Why did He do this?  He did it so that we might understand that He is able to use us, to call us to more, to do incredible things for His glory through us.  And, He does this all despite our past, despite our sin, and despite our doubts!  

I’m so excited to dive into Tamar’s story tomorrow. But, for now, let’s get our hearts and minds ready for what God is going to teach us through the lives of these women.  Spend the next few minutes writing down the reasons you’ve doubted that God could use you in big ways.

List out the sins, doubts, fears, lies you’ve been told, or hurts you’ve experienced that have convinced you to any degree that you are unlovable, unusable, or unwanted.  



Now, be truthful with the Lord about these things. He already knows, He simply wants you to acknowledge these things before Him. Ask Him to help you understand His forgiveness, His love, and His plan for you through the stories of the five women in the bloodline of His Son.

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