1 John | Day Six


By: Callie Clayton

When I was in middle school and high school, I was a dancer. In middle school, I took jazz, ballet, hip hop (but I was terrible!) and lyrical classes each week. Then, when I was in high school, I got accepted into my school’s dance team where we performed at halftime during football season and traveled to compete in the spring.

Some of my greatest memories of my teenage years were during that time! I loved to dance, therefore, rehearsing for a performance or even practicing for an audition didn’t seem like such a burden. Sure, it was hard work. I would get tired and overwhelmed trying to balance school and dance. I would get frustrated if I couldn’t get the steps right. But everyone was right when they said, “practice makes perfect,” and once I got it, I loved it!

What do you spend time practicing?


Even though it’s hard work, why do you keep doing it?


What’s the purpose of practicing something?


When you hear the word practice, does it imply something that’s repetitive, or something you do once?


Keeping all of this in mind, open your Bible and read the ESV version of 1 John 3:1-10 here.


Looking at verses 4-6, what does John say people practice and what does that imply about them?


If someone practices sin, what does that mean?


God, our perfect, holy, sinless Father rescued you and me to take away our sin. He cannot be in the presence of sin, and you and I cannot be in his presence as sinful people. This should motivate and compel us to change our life. Does being a follower of God mean we will never sin again? No way! But there’s a difference in making the wrong choice or giving into temptation, and repeatedly and purposefully choosing things that dishonor God.  

According to verse 8, why did Jesus (the Son of God) come to earth?


Read verses 9-10. Who is the person who doesn’t practice sin?


What does it mean to be born of God and why would that mean you no longer practice sin?


In verse 10, what two things mark you as a child of the devil?


Righteousness means we are living in a right relationship with God, following the requirements He has for us, and enjoying the saving grace He has given us. Practicing righteousness means practicing a life that keeps us right with God. We know that sin separates us from God, so as His children, we should no longer do the things that hinder our relationship with Him.


What things might fall into the category of “practicing righteousness”?


You probably thought I forgot about the first few verses, but I think it’s important for us to land there, today. Go back and read 1 John 3:1-3.


Looking at verse 1, what has God given us?


In verse 3, what should we do about it?


It’s time for us to start looking like and acting like a child of God! God loved you so much, He sent His Son for you and invited you to be a part of His family! Instead of practicing the things God hates, I pray you are so moved by His love that you begin to practice living out His Word.

Take time to pray and thank God for loving you so deeply, inviting you to be a part of His family, and giving you a chance to live a life that honors Him. Ask Him to reveal any areas of your life were you are practicing sin. Ask God to give you strength to turn away from those things and a desire to practice righteousness.

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