1 John | Day Three


By: Callie Clayton

I totally admire my sister, Lindsey. But, since she’s younger than me, I tried to make sure she didn’t know it while we were in high school. During our teenage years, I admired Lindsey because she was confident, smart, opinionated, and could be alone. (Those things are still true today, by the way!)  But at that time I hated being by myself, was totally indecisive, and rarely shared my opinions because I was too afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Well, one day I noticed Lindsey’s arms were super smooth, soft, and hairless! She shaved her arms! Compared to hers, mine looked hairy, manly hair compared to hers. Mine definitely weren’t smooth! Later that day, I showered and shaved my arms!  

My giant gesture of wanting to be like her has resulted in me shaving my arms daily for 12 years! And let me tell you: shaving your arms is WAY more of a nuisance than shaving your legs!

Have you ever done something drastic to be like someone else you admire? Have you mimicked someone’s actions in some way?


As a Christian, you and I are called to mimic Jesus. That’s what it means to follow Him. We’re to be like Him, talk like Him, think like Him, act like Him. But He doesn’t want us to be puppets--blindly obeying and abiding by a set of rules. In order to  follow Jesus, we have to know Him and admire Him and choose to live like Him as a result.

Read 1 John 2: 1-2. What is an advocate?


Who is our advocate to God?

If your version says, in verse 2, that Jesus is the “propitiation”, it means that Jesus is the atonement for our sins. Read Romans 5:8. What does Jesus’ atonement include?


When you read about who Jesus is and what He did for you, how does it affect the way you think about Him? How so?


Now that understand who it is that we’re following, read 1 John 2:3-6. According to John, what should we do in order to prove we have a relationship with Jesus?


What happens if we don’t follow Him (i.e. “keep his commandments”)?


What happens if we do follow Him?


On a scale of 1-10, do you “walk in the same way in which he walked?”

1            2            3            4            5            6            7            8            9            10

          Never                                                                           Always                                                                                        

Think about how well you know Jesus. How much you love Him? How grateful are you for His love, rescue and pursuit of you? Does that motivate you to live in such a way that you mimic Him?


What areas of your life resemble Jesus?


What areas of your life need to change so that you look more like Him?


Spend some time in prayer asking God to give you strength and awareness to keep His word and show the world that you belong to Him. Thank Him for who He is and what He did for you. Be specific and be honest. He loves hearing from you!

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