Philippians | Day Four


By: Taylor Flatt

I remember my first week as a freshman in college. I loved my dorm room, school, and new friends. However, as much as I appreciated the change of pace in my life, I found myself longing for home. Homesickness struck and I missed my sweet family and friends from high school.  

Homesickness is a feeling that most of us are familiar with--even if it’s been awhile since we’ve felt it. In this part of Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he writes about his longing for his heavenly home, not his earthly home. And it wasn't because of a case of depression. Paul was genuinely excited to see Jesus face to face.

But while Paul longs to be in his eternal home someday, he gives us one of his best and most iconic lines from all of the New Testament. He gives us a meaning of what true living looks like: 

“To die would be gain, but to live, to live is Christ.”

Start off this time reading Philippians 1:21-30.


Why does Paul want to continue to live? 


Ultimately, he chooses to live for people whom he can serve, love, and encourage in a way that he couldn’t if he was already home in heaven with God.

Paul chooses life by choosing to live for others and not for himself. Paul knows that truly living isn’t just living for yourself. Living to serve others in the name of Jesus, that’s truly living.

Read Philippians 1:25 again.


Why does Paul choose to live for others?


He wants to live to see them progress in their faith, to encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Paul is living to see their joy in the faith.

Did you catch that? Their joy. Not his joy. Their joy. Paul isn’t seeking his own joy. His own joy would be in heaven with Jesus. Paul is seeking the joy of others.

We often spend more time trying to choose our own joy that we forget about the people around us.

But, y'all. I truly believe we would experience more joy ourselves if we focused more on the joy of those around us and not for ourselves. 

We were not created to live for ourselves. We were created to live for Christ. And living for Christ means living to serve others in His name. Living for Christ means living for His joy!

Paul says it best at the beginning of this passage. To live is Christ. There is only one way to truly live and it’s in the name of Jesus Christ.

Read Philippians 1:27-30.


How should you live your life? What does it mean to live worthy of the Gospel of Christ?


Living our lives worthy of the Gospel of Christ means not living for ourselves. Paul tells us to stand firm with one spirit —to stand together.

Jesus Christ didn’t live for Himself. He lived for others. Therefore, if we are to live for Him, we must live for others, too!

What are some ways that you have been living selfishly lately?


What are some ways you can live to serve others today?

End this time asking the Lord to show you how to best put His will and other's joy before your own wants or needs.