How To Study God's Word | Day Seven

Games are won and lost on the practice field. I can still hear my high school soccer coach saying this. He drilled the importance of practice into my team and is a lesson I have never forgotten.  

The more we practice spending time with God, the better we will get at it.  And the more we practice studying the Bible the more we will want to! 

Studying God’s Word is a learned skill; it is something that will become easier and smoother as you practice it. Today, we will put to use what we’ve learned over the past six days with a new passage of Scripture! 

Let’s start with what we talked about yesterday: Prayer. Spend these first few minutes praying over these things:


o   Thank God for the opportunity to Study His Word.

o   Confess any sin that is in your life.

o   Ask the Lord to speak to you through His Word.

o   Ask for wisdom to understand what you are reading.

o   Ask for focus.


Read John 3:22-36 out loud and then again silently to yourself.  (Practice patience here as you look closely at these verses.)


What is the context of this passage?  What comes immediately before and after it? 


Who are the main characters? What is the setting?


Which John is being referenced in this passage: John the disciple of Jesus or John the Baptist?


Now, break the passage up into smaller sections of verses. Write down a paraphrase of each section. 


Look over each paraphrase you wrote and pray through them thanking the Lord, asking for things like a desire to decrease so that God might increase in your life (vs. 30). 


Also, look for these important points:

o   Is there a sin to avoid?

o   Is there a promise to claim?

o   Is there an example to follow?

o   Is there a command to obey?

o   Is there a stumbling block to avoid?


What are two things you have learned about God, yourself, or your relationship with God through this passage? 


As you close out this time…

o   Thank the Lord for speaking to you.

o   Praise Him for what He taught you about Himself.

o   Ask Him for boldness and diligence to obey what He has asked of you through His Word.

o   Ask Him to show you at least one person to tell what you have learned today. 

YAY! You just studied that passage of God's Word! I'm so excited for you and for what the Lord is teaching you.