How To Study God's Word | Day Five

By: Kate Downing | To Download this series in it's entirety to your phone or printer, Click Here. 

Patience. Just the word makes me cringe. I am the worst at being patient. Every time I use the microwave, I stare down the timer as the seconds tick by thinking: this is taking forever!

Truthfully, I’m not sue any of us are good at being patient, especially with ourselves. However, patience is an important part of spending time with the Lord and studying Scripture. Learning to walk worthy of our calling (Ephesians 4:1) is just that…learning to walk.

When a baby takes it’s first few steps, it is a process involving great patience. The same applies to our walk with the Lord. We must learn to be patient with ourselves as we practice the discipline of spending time with our Creator.

Take a minute to thank the Lord for showing you great patience as you learn to walk worthy of your calling. Ask Him to speak clearly to you and to reveal more of His character to you today. 

Before we dive into what it means to be patient with ourselves as we learn to study Scripture, we must understand the incredible patience shown to us by our Heavenly Father!

Look up the following verses and write a sentence paraphrase of each:

                      o   Joel 2:13

                      o   Psalm 103:8

                      o   2 Peter 3:8-9

What do these verses tell you about the patience of God?

Why is it hard to believe that God is patient with you?

Part of the patience God shows us is the mercy He gives us. The word mercy means God not giving us what we deserve. When God is merciful to us, He is not giving us the punishment we deserve. 

Since God is patient and merciful toward us, we must learn to endure with great perseverance in the process of learning to study Scripture. 

Let’s go back to the passage we have been focusing on this week.

Read John 3:1-21 out loud.

I get that you are probably a little tired of this passage by now, but here is one of the most important areas in which to be patient! Studying Scripture is much more than just reading. Studying a passage means reading it several times out loud or even writing it down. Be patient! Don’t give up or think you know everything about it. There is always more to learn!

Let’s practice!  Read John 3:1-21 again, but this time read it quietly to yourself.     

Did you see something else in the story you didn’t see before? 

Do you understand more while reading it out loud or quietly to yourself?

Being patient with the process, and yourself, is well worth it!  We face an enemy, Satan, who desires to discourage and distract us from walking worthy of our calling. Therefore, be on the lookout for feelings of discouragement! If you miss spending quality time with the Lord one day or you feel like you are not grasping what you are studying, don’t lose heart! Show yourself some mercy. Jesus already has! 

Spend the next few minutes thanking the Lord for the incredible patience He has shown you. Be specific. Thank Him for being merciful toward you (not giving you what you deserve). Lastly, ask Him to help you be patient with yourself as you learn to walk worthy of your calling as His daughter.