Importance of Scripture | Day Six

By: Callie Clayton | To download this series in it's entirety, click here. 

We’ve looked at why God’s Word is faithful, true, and alive even today. We’ve also discovered how we can use God’s word every day in our life. Now, it’s our turn to respond to God’s Word. Are you going to be a young woman who loves God’s Word and listens to truth?

Read Psalm 19:7-11.

Fill in these blanks as we remind ourselves why God’s Word is so important!

God’s Word is:

______________________________ and it revives our soul

______________________________ and it makes us wise

_____________________________ and it rejoices our heart

_____________________________ and it enlightens our eyes

_____________________________ and it endures forever

_____________________________ and it is righteous altogether


Looking at the list above, what aspect of God’s Word resonates with you? Why?


I love verses 10 and 11 because the psalmist is declaring how precious God’s Word is to him. It is my prayer that you and I would have this same desire and passion for the Bible.


Re-read Psalm 19:10.

What is your most valuable possession?


What is your favorite dessert?


Fill those items in the blanks and then read the statement.


“Your Words are more precious than ___________________________; they are sweeter than




Is that true for you?


If the answer is yes, why is God’s Word that important to you?


If the answer is no, what needs to change in your life for God’s Word to be that important?


Re-read Psalm 19:11.

How does the Bible give us warning?


As we seek to know the Lord, our reward often involves a deeper understanding of God, confidence in our faith, growth in our character, and indescribable joy. The more we know God’s Word the more we will love God’s Word!

 Ask the Lord to increase your desire for His presence and truth, understanding of Scripture, and knowledge of His character. Thank Him for giving us access to Himself!