Importance of Scripture | Day Five

By: Callie Clayton | To download this study in its' entirety, click here. 

Have you ever read a verse in the Bible and felt like it was written specifically for you in that moment?  There’s a reason God’s Word speaks so clearly and directly to us and today we are going to discover why!


Open your Bible and read Hebrews 4:12.


What two words are used to describe God’s Word?


Have you seen God’s Word be alive and active in your life? If so, how?


If not, what do you think it will take to experience God’s Word that way?


Honestly, the next sentence always seemed a little confusing and quite graphic to me! But let’s unpack it together…this is some seriously cool stuff!


What is the Word of God compared to?


And what does the sword divide?


Soul and spirit? Joints and marrow? It’s weird to you and me, but when read by the original recipients the idea was evident!


If a solider divides the joint and bone marrow of a man, what is happening?


See what I mean by graphic? These are poetic ways to say that the double-edged sword kills (divides soul and spirit) and exposes the innermost parts of a human being (divides joints and marrow).


How does a sword that kills and exposes the deepest parts be a reflection of the Word of God?


To see this played out in another way, read Romans 7:4-9.


Have you ever read something in the Bible and felt conviction? (That’s a church-y word for the realization that something in your life doesn’t match up with the way God wants you to live.)


The Word of God is meant to expose the deepest, innermost parts of our being in an attempt to destroy the things that are not godly. 


Look back over Hebrews 4:12 and, in your own words, write the three things the Word of God does.







Have you ever walked into a dark room and turned on the flashlight on your phone before going any further? List some things that would have been hidden in the dark, but are exposed once a light comes on.


The Word of God brings to light the things that are buried in our hearts. The Word of God exposes our true thoughts and intentions; usually the things we either don’t want people to see, or don’t even know are there.


What is something in your life that would remain hidden unless exposed by God’s Truth?


This is a good thing! Don’t shy away from, justify, or excuse the ugly parts of your heart. God loves you enough to reveal these things to you so that He can help you get rid of them! By doing so, you’ll not only know God better, but you’ll begin to look more like Him.


Write down Hebrews 4:12.


Pray and thank God for His Word being actively alive—continually working in our hearts and minds to make us more like Jesus. If any sin was brought to your mind, confess that to Him. Ask Him to give you the strength and desire to turn away from that sin for good.