Importance of Scripture | Day Four

By: Callie Clayton | To download this series in its' entirety, click here. 

As we continue looking at the importance of God’s Word, we are going to see how it impacts us directly. We need to understand why we can trust it and how you and I are to use it.


Over the last few days, how has your view of God’s Word changed?


Open your Bible and read 2 Timothy 3:16-17.


What is the first thing mentioned about Scripture?


What portion of the Bible comes directly from the mouth of God?


Why is that important for you to know?


What four ways is Scripture useful to us?





Next to each word, write out a brief description.


Which of the four ways has Scripture been utilized in your life the most? The least?


What does Scripture teach us?


How does Scripture rebuke us? (Note: a synonym for rebuke is scold. While scolding often has a negative connotation, think of the benefits of a mom who scolds her child. She is essentially letting her child know that their behavior is inappropriate in an attempt to teach them the right way to behave.)


How does Scripture correct?


How does Scripture train us in righteousness?


Righteous means to be right with the Lord. God gives us His Word to teach us, rebuke us, correct us, and train us so that we can live a life that honors Him!


Re-read 2 Timothy 3:17.


What is the ultimate reason Scripture is used in these four ways?


What does it mean to be “thoroughly equipped for every good work”?


God gives us clear instructions and clear expectations for the way He wants us, His daughters, to live. But He doesn’t leave us on our own. His Word not only teaches us and guides us, but also completely supplies us with everything we need for each task He sets in front of us!


Ask God to use His word to teach you, to rebuke you, to correct you, and train you. Be open to the rebuking and the correcting. It’s only because God loves you and wants the best for you! If He places something in your mind or on your heart that lets you know you need to make some changes, ask God for strength and courage to make those changes. Thank Him for promising to give you everything you need for the work He gives you.