Importance of Scripture | Day Two

By: Callie Clayton | To download this series in its' entirety, click here. 

We all have seasons (sometimes it might feel like weeks, months, or years) when we feel bogged down by temptation. The sin in our life—the things we desperately want to stop doing—might seem too heavy, too comfortable, too confusing to escape. So what do we do? How can we fight off temptation and find victory over our sin?

Let’s seek out the truth of Psalm 119:11.


Read this verse and rewrite it in your own words.


Have you ever received something from a loved one that was so precious to you that you’ll treasure it in your heart forever? If so, what was it?


The author of Psalm 119, King David, treasured God’s Word above all else in his heart. What does it mean that he has hidden or treasured God’s Word in his heart?


How would your life be different if you treasured God’s Word?


Back up and read Psalm 119:9-11.


According to verse 9, how can you and I keep our way pure?


Look at verse 10. David says he seeks after God with what?


Do you seek after God with all of you, or just a part of you? Why?


Why does hiding God’s Word in our heart prevent us from sinning against Him?


Have you ever wondered what God wanted for you or from you? Have you ever tried to determine which choice was right? 


If so, how did you figure it out?


How would knowing God’s Word in your heart help you in that situation?


Memorize Psalm 119:11.  Write it down three times. At various points in your day, make sure you recite to yourself, so you don’t forget it!


When you feel tempted to give into something that does not align with God’s Word, let this verse resonate in your heart and mind. In that moment of temptation, pause and ask God for His direction before you act.


Take a minute to pray. Ask God to make His Word come alive to you. Ask Him to strengthen your desire for His Word so that you desire to long for Him above anything or anyone else. Thank God for speaking to you through His Word.