Importance of Scripture | Day One

By: Callie Clayton | To download this series in its' entirety, click here. 

Have you ever wondered why people make such a big deal about reading the Bible? Maybe you aren’t quite sure where to start or you’re not sure it’s applicable in today’s world. Whether you’ve read the Bible 1,000 times or never opened it before, I can assure you it’s real, it’s good, and it’s so worth exploring! Ask God to give you understanding as we begin our study about God’s Word.

Read Isaiah 55:10.


Where does the rain and snow come from and what does it do?          


After the rain waters the earth, what happens?


Make a list of everything that benefits from the rain.


Now you may be wondering how rain and seeds correlate to God’s Word.  What do you think?


Read Isaiah 55:11. The rain in verse 10 represents what?


What does the seed and bread in verse 10 represent? 


According to verse 11, what does God want us to understand about His Word?


Why is the Bible often referred to as “God’s Word”?


Select the following words that best describe your understanding of all that God says.            

 Faithful    Selfish              Good             Untrustworthy

   True         Powerful          Wise               Confusing


Have you ever listened to someone talk about something and then later couldn’t remember exactly what they told you?


Gratefully, the Bible is essentially a recording of all of the things God has said or wants you and I to know. Every word you read has gone out from His mouth has been written down for us to access whenever we want!


If that cute boy in your 3rd period class wrote you a note, would you leave it in your locker to glance at in between periods or put it in your sock drawer at home and never read it?


Most of us would probably read it several times! More importantly, your Creator, the all-powerful God of the universe has given you an entire book that shows you about His character and love for you! I hope you get excited about reading it!


If you’ve read parts of the Bible before, why is it important to you personally?


If you’ve never read the Bible before, what do you hope you learn from it?


God’s Word, the Bible, is filled with many great stories that teach us about God’s character, accounts of Jesus’ sermons that show us how we should live, and letters from those who walked with Jesus that direct us in our faith journey. If you’re willing, God will shower His Word on your life like water and through it, He will accomplish everything He has purposed! It’s exciting to be used by God, but before He can use us, we have to know Him and His Word.


God, thank you for giving me access to your Word! Please use it to show yourself to me. Help me to better understand you and your plans for my life through Scripture. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for giving me never-changing truth and unwavering promises!