Ephesians 3:1-13 | Day Six

By: Sophie DeMuth | To download this series in it's entirety, click here. 

"In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence." - Ephesians 3:12

Today, we’re starting chapter three! Now that we’ve made it through two chapters of Ephesians, spend some time jotting down key truths you’ve learned from the first two chapters.


Take a few minutes to pray and reflect on all you’ve learned so far in Ephesians. Pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit as you read today’s passage and focus your heart and mind on God.

Read Ephesians 3:1–13. What is the mystery Paul talks about (v.6)? How does the mystery relate back to 2:11–22?


Paul talks about receiving God’s grace in verses 2 and 7–8. What does Paul mean when he says he received God’s grace? What mission did God task Him with? What message or mystery did God reveal to Paul? Who is that message for (v.8–9)?


Read Ephesians 3:1–13 again. According to verse 10, what’s God’s intention for the church? What is the church commanded to tell people?


Who enables the church to preach this message (v.11)?


Remember that the Gentiles were never allowed to associate with Jews, let alone God. They couldn’t even enter the Temple—they couldn’t approach God. With this in mind, how does verse 12 revolutionize life for the Gentiles?


What does it mean to you that you can approach God with freedom and confidence? How have you approached God in the past?


God created a way, through Christ, for the Gentiles (us) to be reconciled to God, adopted into a family of believers, filled with His presence, with the ability to approach Him with confidence. How does having the whole picture of Paul’s message to the Gentiles shape the way you view your salvation? How does it encourage you in your daily walk with Christ?


Paul mentions his suffering for the Gentiles in verse 13. Remember, he was in prison when he wrote this letter. Why do you think he mentions his imprisonment here? How does it validate his message? Would you be more likely to believe someone who suffered to make sure you got a message? How so?


In what ways could you approach God with freedom and confidence this week? What worries or struggles have you been holding back from God? How could you surrender them to Him this week?


After you write down the memory verse, take time to write down the struggles and worries that you haven’t surrendered to God. Pray through each one with confidence and freedom—God is with you and wants to hear your requests. Pray boldly and ask Him to intervene in miraculous ways. 

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