Ephesians 2:19-22 | Day Five

By: Sophie DeMuth | To download this series in it's entirety, click here

"And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His spirit." - Ephesians 2:22

As we finish out chapter two of Ephesians, I encourage you to listen to Hillsong’s worship song, Cornerstone, while studying because we are learning about Jesus being our chief cornerstone today!

Hopefully, you know the drill by now! Summarize what you’ve learned so far in Ephesians 2.


Then, prepare your heart to hear from God. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide this time in the Word.

Read Ephesians 2:19–22. Who used to be foreigners and strangers? How did they become included in God’s people?


In case you’ve never heard of a cornerstone, a cornerstone was the main, foundational stone a builder used in biblical times when constructing a building. Without it, the building wouldn’t stand or last. How does understanding what a cornerstone is shape the way you view this passage?


Read Psalm 118:22–24. How was Jesus rejected? How has He become the cornerstone or foundation? What is He the foundation of?


In verses 21 and 22, Paul describes us as being a temple or dwelling place for the Lord. Read Exodus 40:34, 2 Chronicles 5:13–14, and John 1:14.


What do the first two passages tell us about the presence of God in the Old Testament? Where did God’s presence reside?


Where does John 1:14 say God’s dwelling was? Who embodied God’s presence?


We see a progression from God dwelling in a temple to coming as Jesus to living in us. How does it impact you knowing that God now dwells in His people—the church? How does knowing God’s presence is in you make you feel?


These verses tell us that Jesus unifies us. In your experience, has the church been a place of unity or division? Why do you think that is?


How could you encourage unity among your group of friends, in your church, or at home this week? In what ways could you remind yourself of the unity you have with other believers when relationships become difficult?


Read today’s verse out loud as you write it down. Ask God for this verse to become true in your friend group, youth group, or at home. Pray for ways you can be an agent of peace in a divided world. Thank God for dwelling in you. End your time reflecting on the fact that God’s presence lives in you.

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